Where is SDF

The Subaru Deep Field (SDF) is located near the North Galactic Pole, being centered on 13h 24m 38s.9, +27d 29' 25".9 (J2000). We selected this field, imposing the following three conditions: (1) there is no bright star or bright galaxy or nearby known cluster of galaxies within ~ 30' from the field center, (2) the Galactic extinction is extremely low (AV=0.052 at the center of the field; Schlegel et al. 1998), and (3) the field passes near the zenith at Mauna-Kea and thus the observing efficiency is very high (the maximum altitude of the SDF is 83d). We have very deep J and K' images (JAB=26.0, K'AB=25.3; Maihara et al. 2001) for a 2' x 2' area near the field center ( Press Release Image).